Bon Ton Roulet

People report finding Jesus in the strangest ways; today, one of those ways might be in a cake. That’s because it’s Mardi Gras, also known as Fat Tuesday, the last day to eat King’s Cake before Lent begins. The King’s Cake accompanies festivities to commemorate the Epiphany, the day the Magi (interpreted by some to mean “kings”) arrived in Bethlehem and presented gifts to baby Jesus the twelfth night after his birth. The cake is a reenactment of Epiphany, with a bean or baby figurine baked into the cake to symbolize Christ and is eaten throughout Carnival festivities.


Nodel is fashion industry slang for a person who is not a model.

Real people in real fashion? Are designers catering more to the "real" woman or is it just a sheep in wolf's clothing? Don't get me wrong, I love to see real people in designer clothing, but it is a rarity, mostly we see pretty, skinny, tall socialites or bloggers representing brands. This SS2017 runway season, we did see more diversity in ethnicity, shape and age. For example, Carven, who featured friends of the brand of all shapes and sizes.

I have mixed feelings about this topic because I love the fantasy of fashion yet I too, want to wear that fantasy. From my experience, it is really hard to dress real people in paid ads and get what the client wants unless the "real people" are skinny.  With all the reality today, I wondered if the public wants to see real people in fashion ads or keep it as models. Will there soon be a break through for the real person who wants to wear designer clothing?

Source: Photos: Bobby Doherty and Jessie English ...

Oops My Lip Tint

I am always searching for ways to make my life easier. In this quest, I am willing to try anything from early on-set of trends. During the day, I like to travel light and not re-apply makeup EVER. So I became mesmerized by this lip tint, MY Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack, from Korea that I found while wandering around the web.

Background research revealed that I am not the only one that is mesmerized. Beauty editors and other bloggers are on it too, since I know that I am not the only one who wants their lip color to stay without reapplication. The best advise I found from other reviewers, was to be really careful applying and to go slow.

I thought that the hardest part was choosing the color, since they all look child-like and unnatural. After much consideration, I went for "Dear Coral" in hopes that I could layer the color if I wanted more or less. Most reviewers stated that it tasted funny, the application felt sticky/strange and the lip tint lasted one day. Well, I found that all to be true plus you need to keep your mouth open while it dries. And I would be willing to suffer those circumstances everyday for a flawless lip.... if they only developed prettier colors.

Read about Victoria Dawson Hoff from ELLE experience,

If Love is a Red Dress Hang Me in Rags


REGRETS, lost love

I have a tendency to stalk clothing online, hemming and hawing about the whether to make the purchase or not. These stalking victims start to form life in my mind. I see them going places and playing a parts in my closet. Some are out of reach due to costs. Some I lose out on because I waited too long...yet I still long for them. I am not sure if any of these will make sense together, but here are some of my lost love affairs.