Nodel is fashion industry slang for a person who is not a model.

Real people in real fashion? Are designers catering more to the "real" woman or is it just a sheep in wolf's clothing? Don't get me wrong, I love to see real people in designer clothing, but it is a rarity, mostly we see pretty, skinny, tall socialites or bloggers representing brands. This SS2017 runway season, we did see more diversity in ethnicity, shape and age. For example, Carven, who featured friends of the brand of all shapes and sizes.

I have mixed feelings about this topic because I love the fantasy of fashion yet I too, want to wear that fantasy. From my experience, it is really hard to dress real people in paid ads and get what the client wants unless the "real people" are skinny.  With all the reality today, I wondered if the public wants to see real people in fashion ads or keep it as models. Will there soon be a break through for the real person who wants to wear designer clothing?

Source: Photos: Bobby Doherty and Jessie English ...