Battle of the Boot

Pierre Cardin, the arrow dress, Mary Quant

Hot pants, Abba, multicolored boots circa1974

Karl Lagerfeld for Chloe , 1977

In the seventies my obsession with tall boots started with short skirts kissing the tops of leather boots. I realized now, that it has all to do with proportions. Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with boots. My love of boots comes from far flung sources such as eighteenth century dress, equestrian order, swashbuckling men in tights and utilitarian function. I would wear boots all year long if I could. I love
all types of boots but over the knee thigh boots are my thing.

Over the knee boots are on trend for now but for years, I searched everywhere. I would troll the internet for hours looking for that perfect pair. If you google thigh high boots, you get a lot of Fredrick's of Hollywood-Halloween looks.

In 2009, when Prada did those thigh high fishing weighters and Stella McCartney presented us with those perforated over-the-knee boots, I almost died. Finally, I thought, they were back! Yet my search for them kept on coming up short. I felt like Goldilocks....too high, too low, too unstable or too hookerish. I had another pass at death when Celine showed those magical grey boots on Fall 2013 runway. They were luxurious with a platform toe and stacked heel...unfortunately for me, they were just too damn high. I do have a happy ending, finding my boots at Bloomingdale's. They were having a sale, I had my employee discount and I went for it. They were Chanel with no big logo and a heel height that I could wear all day. I have never looked back, I know I will have these boots forever.

Now that they are still in season I am having some FOMO. What if they don't come back in style of another 10 years? Am I really able to pull this look off climbing up and down the hills of San Francisco? Ugh! Maybe I DO need another pair with a flat heel? There's a lot more inspiration out there then before. Get them now while they last....Check out these....