Fall Winter 2015-2016 Trend

I am sorry, I do really love fur and I feel guilty about it. One of the top trends this fall season is fur, with faux fur having it's moment. On the runway there was everything from monster furs to touches of fur. The styles ranged from abstract, eighties redux, snow white, seventies inspired, leopard, bright look at me colors, eccentric, Victorian, and arctic. This winter, I planned on recycling my mother's and grandmother's furs, so I needed to do research. I knew that there were other guilty people like me and this is how I found Courtney Iseman's article for Racked.com

"There are so many of us who live in this middle ground: We love that fur is beautiful, stylish, and keeps us warm, but we also love animals and know how gruesome and unethical the fur industry is. What to do? The consensus among indecisive fur wearers is that if they buy vintage, they're not contributing to the ongoing cycle of fur production."

Somehow, this article lead me to, envieheartwork.com. Nina Eiber & furrier Marcel Jouja, are the creative duo behind creating luxury pieces which are customizable and handcrafted in Vienna. They collaborate directly with hunters, who intend to keep the forests in natural balance and use only recycled vintage coats as lining and refining for each masterpiece. I think they are brilliant.